Cassie’s Story


“I was married to an emotionally abusive husband for 17 years.”


Cassie is a mother of two children, 7 and 15.

At the age of 19 Cassie married an emotionally and financially controlling man. She was given zero access to their bank accounts, leaving her totally dependent on him to provide everything, from gas to grocery money. Her husband would take off unexpectedly for days on end, leaving her and her children hungry until his return.

Despite years of two full-time incomes, they were constantly behind on bills, evicted from one place after another. They spent more nights in motels than homes. Finally, Cassie left her husband in 2016 and moved into a shelter with her children while she waited for a spot to open at Hillcrest.

Cassie and her children moved into a Hillcrest apartment in August 2016. Her experience was transformative! She had never paid a bill on her own before, but it didn’t take her long to learn. Her motivating budget counselor helped her manage her finances. Now she has control over her money, knowing where every penny is spent. For the first time, she has her own savings account. She used the couple months of transitional housing to “stop the bleeding”, which included filing for bankruptcy, divorcing her husband, and paying off student loan debt.

Cassie reports, “This program is the most stability my children and I have ever had!” Now as a graduate of the program, she is working to keep that stability in their life. When problems come up, like a major car repair, she’s not worried because she knows how to budget and has money set aside for emergencies. She is passing these lessons on to her two children, so that none of them will ever be homeless again.

VIDEO: Cassie says, “Thank you!”


You can end homelessness in KC, one family at a time.