Youth Program

Hillcrest Transitional Housing Youth Program in Kansas City, Kansas

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The Program
This is a 10-unit housing and life skills program aimed at helping youth transition to successful adult independent living. The program is for homeless youth ages 16 to 24. Hillcrest accepts youth from all over the Kansas City Metro.

What to Expect
Residents are given their own furnished living space with utilities included. A food pantry and laundry facilities are on-site. In addition, residents are supported by a case manager, resident managers, and apartment captains. This support team focuses on helping the youth to achieve their educational goals, obtain a job, manage their finances, and learn how to lead a productive and healthy adult life.

Our Expectations
Residents are expected to abide by program and house rules while staying at Hillcrest. These rules include working toward an educational goal, attending weekly life skills classes, meeting weekly with the case manager, obtaining a part-time job, contributing to savings and remaining drug- and alcohol-free while in the program.

Learn More
Those interested in learning more about the opportunities that Hillcrest has to offer should contact the case manager at 913-827-8462 or complete our online application.

Some of Our Graduates


Kellie’s Story

Kellie graduated from the Hillcrest Youth Program on June 6, 2014.  He left Hillcrest with a high school diploma, a paid in full vehicle, $3,800 in savings, and the life skills that he needed to live on his own.  Kellie currently lives in a one-bedroom apartment, continues to work full time, and is considering the idea of taking college classes at night.  He sleeps well at night knowing that he can pay his own bills, and can invite his little brother over at any time, to check on him and guide him in the right direction.

Rhonda’s Story

When Rhonda graduated from the youth program, she moved into her own apartment.  She continues to work and go to school.  After Rhonda graduates from high school, she has dreams of becoming a teacher or nurse.  She checks in from time to time so that staff can see how she is doing.  Rhonda understands the value of education, hard work, and saving money.


Sara’s Story

Throughout the program Sara had been a fierce saver. Eventually she placed over $3,000 in savings, and started to think about buying a car.  She began studying for her KS learner’s permit and researching cars on the internet.  In the meantime, Hillcrest received a donated vehicle, and decided that Sara should receive the car due to all of the hard work she had put in.  Sara passed the written exam and obtained her learner’s permit.  Sara then decided that she was ready to try standing on her own two feet.  She identified a roommate and an apartment close to school, and graduated from Hillcrest on January 31, 2014.

Sara’s apartment captain hosted a graduation party for her, and several of her friends and family attended.  When asked what aspect of Hillcrest she planned to take with her, Sara immediately stated that she planned to continue to budget her money.  The case manager recently took Sara to the Hillcrest Thrift Store to pick out furniture for her new apartment.  In addition to getting a bed and a sofa, Sara insisted on getting a desk so that she will continue to have a designated place to study.  She continues to go to school, and recently switched to a better paying job.

Vanessa’s Story

Hillcrest supported Vanessa during the program by providing shelter, food, bus passes, budget counseling, life skills classes, and access to medical treatment.  Vanessa spent the summer working and saving, and entered her freshmen year of college at Donnelly.  During her first semester, staff encouraged her to apply for the newly established Hillcrest Youth Scholarship.  Vanessa applied and was awarded the first scholarship in October 2014.  With the help of the scholarship, Vanessa was able to graduate from the youth program and move into student housing on Donnelly’s campus.  She left the program in January 2015 with $6,000 in savings.  The youth staff look forward to seeing Vanessa tackle her dream of becoming a nurse!


Zenia’s Story

Zenia moved into the Hillcrest Transitional Housing Youth Program in January 2012 along with her five, younger siblings.  She graduated from the youth program with thousands of dollars in savings.

Zenia and her family then moved into the Hillcrest Graduate Housing program where they learned to pay bills and be responsible for their own house.  Zenia continued to save money while establishing a rental history.  Zenia also completed her GED during that time.  In the summer of 2013, Zenia put a deposit and first month’s rent down on an apartment, and moved the family into their very own apartment.  Zenia now has a reliable vehicle, the boys are doing well in school, and the baby is developmentally on track.  Zenia is the very definition of perseverance and success.