Plan A Needs Drive


Thanks for your interest in helping us provide all-encompassing care for our families!

When a youth or family comes to live at Hillcrest, we help them with all their basic needs–from meat and canned goods to shampoo and cleaning supplies. With assistance from community partners like you, our families’ paychecks can go entirely to paying off old debt and saving up to pay rent at their first apartment.

Hosting a needs drive is a convenient way to make a difference. Who can plan a drive?

  • Your church youth group or small group
  • Your co-workers
  • Your friends and family
  • Your school or university
  • Your club, organization, or community group

What should I collect during a needs drive? Items could include:

  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Toiletries
  • Canned goods
  • Bedding and towels
  • Seasonal foods/gifts

Download our informational flyer and list of pantry needs.


How do I get started?

  1. To assist our youth housing site in Kansas City, Kansas, contact Juhna at 913-827-8462 or [email protected].
  2. To assist a different housing site, navigate to our contact us page and find the location you want to bless.


Thanks for helping homeless families become self-sufficient!