Rapid Rehousing Confirmation


Your application is submitted, but you’re not finished yet!

Thank you for your application to our rapid re-housing program!
Please keep in mind that it could be several months to wait before a case manager has an opening in her/his caseload in order to start working with you.


As part of your application, we also need to complete a 20-40 minute interview with you by phone.  The interview helps us to assess other things that may be a priority to address along with your housing situation.  It also enables us to work with other agencies throughout Missouri to best address your needs.

You can schedule this interview yourself by visiting https://hillcrest-ce.youcanbook.me/
You can also call Wes Dent at 816-994-6935 to schedule your assessment interview.

If you’re interested in the St Joseph area only, you may have already completed an assessment with another cooperating agency. 


After your assessment is completed, we need to hear from you at least once every 60 days. We do recommend checking in once per month to let us know that you’re still in need of housing assistance, and to get connected with resources while you are waiting for assistance. Also, please call and let us know if your circumstances change (including getting into your own housing), or if your phone number or email address has changed.